Using Gorgeous Schematic

Gorgeous Schematic is the part of Gorgeous Karnaugh - karnaugh maps minimization software. Gorgeous Schematic is used to build logic gate diagrams using Gorgeous Karnaugh minimization results.

Gorgeous Karnaugh Versions with Gorgeous Schematic

Note: Not all versions of Gorgeous Karnaugh software contains Gorgeous Schematic (and Gorgeous Schematic X) features. Check you version features here.

Building Logic Gate Diagrams

To build logic gate diagram for Gorgeous Karnaugh minimization results select the coverage set in the “Coverage sets” pane, as shown on the picture below:

Select active coverage set in Gorgeous Karnaugh

Next, select the “Coverages” — “Open Schematic” menu item. The “Creating Gate Diagram” dialog will appear:

Creating logic gate diagram dialog

In the dialog shown above select shape type for gate diagram and other generation options and press “Ok”. The Gorgeous Schematic window will appear with the built logic gate diagram:

Logic gate diagram in Gorgeous Schematic

Exporting to PNG

All versions of Gorgeous Schematic supports diagram export to PNG - Portable Network Graphics format.