Operating with K-Maps

Switching between K-Map views

In the main area of Gorgeous Karnaugh main window there is several tabs for switching between views. First tab shows the summary page, on which all of K-Maps are displayed. Next tabs belongs to separate K-Map pages, on which you can edit its coverages.

You can use keyboard to switch between views - use next key combinations:

  • Alt+Shift+Up - switch to summary page;
  • Alt+Shift+Right - switch from active K-Map page to next;
  • Alt+Shift+Left - switch from active K-Map page to previous.

When you edit coverages, you can jump from summary page to separate K-Map page and turn back to summary page using [Ctrl] key and mice. On summary page, press [Ctrl] and click on K-Map to fast jump on that page. On separate K-Map page, press [Ctrl] and click on K-Map within its area to jump to summary page.

Direct K-Maps editing

You can edit truth table using direct K-Map editing. First, switch to single K-Map page. Next, find tabs at left, and switch to “View”. Find “Edit mode” line in the property grid, and switch value from “Edit coverages” to “Edit function”. K-Map color will be changed, and you can modify function by clicking on the K-Map cells.

Creating coverages

For edit K-Map coverages, you need to switch to single K-Map page. Click on single cell or press left mice button and select area on which you need to create coverage. After mice button released, the maximal coverage, that includes selected area, will be found. It can be the same as selected, or, if possible, it can be larger as possible. This is the “Automatic max coverage lookup” feature. If you need to create coverage exact as selected, you need to press [Shift] key. It disables automatic max coverage lookup feature.

Joint minimization

Joint minimization is the feature that tries to find max coverage on more than one K-Map. To do this, you need to select set of K-Maps, that will be used in joint minimization. First, switch to summary page. Next, press [Shift] and click on the K-Maps, which you need to use in joint minimization. At last, press [Alt] and click on cell (in any K-Map) which you need to be in common coverage.

Coverages tab

Coverages tab at the left on each K-Map view contains grid, in which coverages are displayed. You switch to to this grid by clicking on it, and you can perform some operations on it using keyboard:

  • Up - move selection up;
  • Down - move selection down;
  • F2 - turn to edit mode;
  • Ins - add new coverage and start edit it;
  • Del - delete selected coverage;
  • Ctrl+Numpad* (Ctrl+Numpad Multiply) - sort coverage list alphabeticaly.