Teaching the Basics of Digital Circuits Design

If you teach a course on digital electronics design, you must know how important is thorough training in using Boolean function minimization and that K-map minimization is one of the simplest and most demonstrative methods of logical function minimization.

Hard Training Produces Good Results

To help your students master logical function minimization, you can test them frequently. To do that, you’ll need sets of tasks for each student in your group. However, preparing them manually would take a lot of time. Surely there must be a better way!

Preparing Tasks for Students

Gorgeous Karnaugh can automatically create tasks for your students to train them in minimizing logical functions. Gorgeous Karnaugh lets you:

  1. Generate a separate task with random function values and make a report in the HTML format, which you can print out;
  2. Generate a batch of tasks, using a given number or a list or students, with random function values and automatic minimization by 1 and by 0 for producing a reference solution;
  3. Make a report based on a batch of tasks in the HTML format, which you can print out and give out to your students.

Batch Generation of Tasks Using a List or Students

Launch Gorgeous Karnaugh and select “File” — “New” — “Batch random from file” in the menu. A dialog window will open, where you should enter the names of your students, one name per line. To make things easier, you can paste a list of students from the clipboard or load a text file containing the list. Then define the task generation parameters and click the “OK” button. The required number of Boolean function systems will be generated. For each system, automatic minimization by 0 and by 1 will be done.

After all tasks have been generated, you can print them out for giving to your students. To do that, select “File” — “Batch report” in the menu. Choose which minimized sets will be added to the report, all or some of them. Also define the number of unfilled K-maps to be added to the report. This number is usually equal to the number of ready solutions, that is, two. After selecting the report generation parameters, click “OK.” A report in the HTML format will be generated. If you’ve checked the automatic opening option, the report will be displayed in your default web browser. From there, you can print out all or some pages.

Gorgeous Karnaugh: The Version for Teachers

If you a teacher, we recommend using Gorgeous Karnaugh Professional.

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