Learning the Basics of Digital Circuits Design

If you are a student being trained in digital electronics design, Gorgeous Karnaugh can make your training easier and even enjoyable. Logical expression minimization is very important for designing digital devices, and K-map minimization is one of the most universal and effective minimization methods.

Put Your Pen and Notepad Aside

The traditional K-map minimization method has a major drawback: To test all minimization results, each time you have to plot a Karnaugh map on a piece of paper, and then fill its cells with values from the truth table. If your function is simple, that’s fine. But the bigger the function, the more K-maps you have to draw to minimize it. If you are not planning to become a draftsman, there must be a better way to do your work!

Gorgeous Karnaugh offers you a few options to select from. You can define a set of functions, and then print out the generated K-maps so that you can perform manual minimization on paper. If you want to be more efficient, you can minimize the generated K-maps directly in the program; you can do that either from beginning to end, or by manually correcting the automatic minimization results.

Different Methods for Defining Functions

Gorgeous Karnaugh lets you define Boolean function systems in different ways:
  1. By using a truth table;
  2. By defining a function system in analytical form;
  3. By using a Lua script that defines relations between inputs and outputs.

Getting Results

Gorgeous Karnaugh lets you get results in different forms:
  1. You can display minimization results as a table of implicants;
  2. You can produce an analytical record of the minimized function in conventional analytical (mathematical) notation;
  3. You can generate program code in a number of major programming languages.

Designing Circuits Using Minimal Function Systems

When using Gorgeous Karnaugh to minimize a logical function system, a graphic representation of your circuit can be built based on the minimization results. The graphics part is done by Gorgeous Schematic, a built-in tool, which lets you:
  1. Get a graphic representation of your combinational circuit, based on the predefined analytical record;
  2. Save the generated graphics in the PNG format;
  3. Export the generated scheme into a Cedar Logic Simulator file so that you can test your circuit in that simulator.

Gorgeous Karnaugh: The Version for Students

If you a student, we recommend using Gorgeous Karnaugh Standard.

Download Gorgeous Karnaugh Standard.

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