Gorgeous Karnaugh: A Professional Tool

If you are professionally involved in designing digital devices, Gorgeous Karnaugh can help you do your work more efficiently.

Different Methods for Defining Functions

Gorgeous Karnaugh lets you define Boolean function systems in different ways:
  1. By using a truth table;
  2. By defining a function system in analytical form;
  3. By using a Lua script that defines relations between inputs and outputs.

Microcontroller Programming

If your job includes automation or microcontroller programming, Gorgeous Karnaugh can help you minimize conditional statements in your embedded programs. Gorgeous Karnaugh supports C, a common language in microcontroller programming. It also supports ST (Structured Text), also referred to as SCL (Structured Control Language).

Designing Digital Circuits Based on Logic Gates

When designing digital devices, especially in pilot or short run production, you might need to create a minimal circuit based on logic gates. You can use Gorgeous Karnaugh to minimize your combinational circuit, prepare its graphic representation (for example, to include in your documentation), and export the generated circuit into a file so that you can test it in a simulator.

Using Gorgeous Karnaugh in Large Scale Production

If you design devices for large scale production, you probably are familiar with such hardware description languages as VHDL or Verilog. Gorgeous Karnaugh lets you minimize circuits written in these languages too.

Gorgeous Karnaugh: The Version for Professionals

If you a professional designer of digital electronic equipment, we recommend using Gorgeous Karnaugh Professional.

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