Sobre el programa Gorgeous Karnaugh Professional

Gorgeous Karnaugh Professional is a tool for digital device developers and radio amateurs, also for all who need to minimize logic circuits and conditional statements in programs. Also, if you are a teacher on a course on digital electronics design, Gorgeous Karnaugh Professional can help you to create training materials for your students.

Gorgeous Karnaugh Professional:

  • Draws 2 - 16 variable Karnaugh Maps;
  • Builds logical functions from analytical form or from truth table;
  • Builds logical functions using Lua script;
  • Generates random function systems and sets of random function systems;
  • Converts boolean formula to C/C++ (also applied for C#, Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl), Pascal, Lua, Ruby, and Python code;
  • Converts boolean formula to VHDL or Verilog code;
  • K-Map to Truth Table tracking allows you to track K-Maps cells in truth table and see it highlighted;
  • Helps to simplify boolean expressions using automatic max coverage lookup feature;
  • Export for Espresso heuristic minimizer;
  • Automatic minimization using heuristic Espresso algorithm;
  • Generates HTML reports for single boolean function systems and sets of function systems, including initial K-Maps and minimization results;
  • Generates logic gate diagrams based on minimization results using built-in Gorgeous Schematic tool.
  • Generates logic gate diagrams based on custom logical functions or gate diagram description using built-in Gorgeous Schematic tool.
  • Maximum number of activations for each purchased license for this product: 3.

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