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Gorgeous Karnaugh: Logical Function Minimization Software

Gorgeous Karnaugh K-Maps Minimization Software is an application for minimizing logical functions using K-Maps graphical minimization method:

  • Draws 2 - 16 variable Karnaugh Maps;
  • Builds functions from analytical form or from truth table;
  • Generates random function sets;
  • Format results to number of programming languages;
  • Helps to simplify boolean expressions;
  • Generates various HTML reports;
  • Generates logic gate diagrams;
  • And has many more useful features »

Are You a Student?

If you are an electrical engineering student specializing in digital circuits, Gorgeous Karnaugh can help you minimize Boolean expressions and learn the basics of digital circuits design. Learn more »

Are You a Teacher?

If you are an electrical engineering teacher who needs to train students in minimizing Boolean functions and designing digital circuits, Gorgeous Karnaugh can help you generate tasks for students, as well as reference solutions. Learn more »

Are You a Programmer?

Gorgeous Karnaugh K-Maps can help you refactor your existing source code and minimize logical conditions in loop and conditional expressions. Gorgeous Karnaugh supports a number of programming languages, including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Pascal, Lua, Ruby, and Python. Learn more »

Are You a Digital Engineering Professional?

Gorgeous Karnaugh K-Maps can help you design highly optimized digital circuits, create circuit layouts, and generate VHDL, Verilog, or Structured Text code for use in your digital device projects. Learn more »

Overview of Gorgeous Karnaugh Features

Learn more »

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